True Freedom, Real Independence!

most people do not know what freedom is or even independence. And sadly there are a lot that do not even care. All through time there have been battles for freedom and independence. From Moses fleeing Egypt to America fighting for her Independence. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, 9/11, and so many more. Soldiers have answered the call of duty from God and from their country.
Jesus fought a battle that no soldier or country could have ever won. Freedom from sin and Independence from the tyranny of sin. He answered the call from His Father to go into battle for His people. Though we celebrate our 4th of July with fireworks and friendship, there seems to be no celebrating true freedom and real independence. NO fireworks were shot off when Jesus fought, died, and then rose again from the dead. Have you thanked Jesus for your freedom? Have you hugged a wounded soldier coming home from battle? Do you feel a loss for those who paid a sacrifice for YOUR freedom?

When the hammer hit the nail
The devil cheered with delight,
but would soon run in fright.
The chains of sin shattered,
Our enemy they were scattered.


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