Reflections in my mind, from the past,
swirling, turning coming fast.
Sins so many against the Lord,
Why do I seem to live by the sword.

Tormented by the flames of hell,
Pain as I stumbled and fell.
The battleground has wounded me,
Father let me follow thee.
Times that I tire of this fight,
Til, the visions of the coming night.

Thoughts of the day I was saved,
The day I left the road well paved.
Reflections of the many ugly scars,
A day comes when I walk among Heavenly stars.


2 thoughts on “RELECTIONS

  1. Are you ok, bro? Just stopped by your page, and thought I’d shoot up a few prayers for you – always remember, His grace is sufficient and conquers all, purifying us for love and for service.

    Much love in Christ
    – whom we trust with things that He alone can hold secure

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