A day that has changed us all, inside and even out. The day that we crucified and were crucified along with Jesus. Can you remember that day? The nails were rugged, and sharp, yet somewhat dull. They were rusty and long. They fit perfectly into our hands. This seems to be strange that the nail felt as if it belonged there. Jesus looks at us as we swing the hammer and strike the nail. As blood spurts from the hole created by this rusty nail, you can feel the pain that He felt. However we kept striking the nail until the head of the nail was pressed deep into His flesh. Every blow Jesus took, we feel. Can you feel it???

Once Jesus was nailed to the cross, realitty sets and as does the real pain. Not the pain of the nails but the emotional pain of it all. Standing there with just a hammer in our hand, the blood stained weapon we used, blood drips from the weapon. Each drop of blood that hits the ground sounds like thunder in our heart. As we look at the face of the man that we just nailed to the cross, we see no anger, no hate in those beautiful eyes. Nothing but love can be seen as He looks at us.
So next time you think that your life has no meaning, look at Jesus and see what He did so that your life may be full and love filled….



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