Heaven or Hell You choose


The sweet embrace of Jesus our king. As He calls out your name with open arms. You stand there with sweet tears in your eyes. Your knees become weak and you start to shake without control. This moment, this very instant is what you longed for, dreamed of, worked for all of your life as you walked the earth. It has come, you are now able to see His face. Jesus looks at you and you see the most beautiful face and loving smile…….. OR!!!



The screams of the tortured shall pierce you all through your now burning soul. As God has just judged you and your sinful ways and tells you I never knew you. An Angel of God grabs hold of you and takes you away. For the first time you cry to God for mercy, however your cries will not be heard. You had your chance to accept Him, now it is to late. You then find yourself falling, the heat becomes unbearable. A splash that thunders through your head and heart. The screams become louder and the tortured become more. The smell of death is the most putrid smell you have ever smelled. The demons are everywhere and their torture is unrelenting. The scratch and tear and rip your soul apart piece by piece.Image

So choose wisely


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