Dangerous storm coming in,

Hearts beaten, nerves worn thin.

Mighty waves crash and roll,

Oh, how they take their toll.


Lighting strikes and thunder booms,

The heart has many rooms.

Damaged soul, ugly scars,

Wasted youth in smoky bars.

Rocky cliff I slipped and fell,

Backslid, one foot in hell. 


Nightmares of being left behind,

Sanity, I wish I could find.

Something under my skin,

Demons groan, let us in.

Thrashed by the wind and wave,

Disaster, to sin I am a slave.

Lost alone in the darkness of night,

Shreds, wicked demon fright.


Times its like burning quicksand,

Struggle to reach dry land.

Voice calls out, “Where are you dear child?”

I know your heart has gone wild.

In the distance a heavenly light,

Constant and ever so bright.


Angels descended, guard my path,

Demons scream, from God’s wrath.

Murky black water becomes clear,

Then I felt no fear.

Mighty angel did take my hand,

On the shore, I knelt in the sand.


An awesome presence surely was felt,

I prayed for mercy as I knelt.

Nail pierced hand on my cheek,

Before the Lord unable to speak.

Angels sang amazing grace,

As He wiped the tears from my face.


Souls harbor safe and secure,

Peace, as my heart does mature.

Souls harbor, shelter from the storm,

Angels destroy the demon swarm.

Souls harbor, so easy to find,

Just relax and clear your mind.


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