Lyrical Insanity

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap,

They’ve come to slaughter His sheep.

The number of the beast,

Demons have come for the feast.


Look what the cat dragged in,

Going through life, living in sin.

On the highway to hell,

Their forked tongues begin to swell.

Back in black with hells bells,

Demon is lurking, see what he smells.


Slave to the grind, up all night,

Bloodshot eyes, can’t see the Light.

Love hurts, talking in your sleep,

Before God they shall surely weep.

I will torment you,you shall not grow old,

Why do they think their souls can be sold.

They tell the kids to jump in the fire,

The god they serve is a liar.

Tail gunner, run to the hills,

Ride the lightning, Blitzkrieg gives me chills.


They curse His name with their song,

Their days of torment shall be long.







Once bitten, To the angels they say fly,

They tell your daughters “don’t be shy.”




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