Blistered from scorching heat

His back they truly did beat.

Flesh torn and brutally mangled

Muscle from the bone dangled.

The greatest act of love ever known

Come to the cross and be shown.

This lamb would not be led astray

For our ransom He came to pay.

His beard ripped from his face

He whispers to me


The King crowned with thorns

Angry mob hateful scorns.

Our burdens laid bear

His flesh the nails did tear.

bloody nails guilty hands's Blog

Amazing Grace How sweet the sound

On the day, Salvation found.

It saved a wretch like me,

Crucified, to set me free.

I once was lost,

But found He paid the cost.

Was blind, but now I see.

His precious blood set me free.

Not to many people fully understand what Grace is. Grace to us is

God giving us what we do not deserve. Face it we are all guilty of sin.

W do not deserve to get into Heaven, however God is just, loving, forgiving and

full of Grace. In order for us to be granted this grace from God,Jesus had to make the

ultimate sacrifice. He took our place on the cross, all sins were covered that day








How precious did that grace appear,

Legions of Angels, thy did cheer.

On the hour I first believed,

Answered prayers, loved ones relieved.



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