About the book

Bloody Nails Guilty Hands is the second book in a collection of heartfelt, poetry, and parables series. Join a family as they pray through life’s tragedies, and see how God answers prayers. Find rest from life’s thrashing ways. Experience horror in the first and last of end days. Then strap yourself in and assume crash positions on Angel

Flight 68. Come take a journey… Destination New Jerusalem. If you like field trips, come take one where the lost soul is the main course. Chase Heaven as you flee demons, and see what the devils angel looks like as he calls your name. Filled with beauty, sadness, tears, brokenness, scars, and anger. Then flooded with mercy, love, comfort, and a gentle knock from Jesus, to show us how compassionate he really is.


One thought on “About the book

  1. 10% of all royalties will be given to God. for without Him this book never would have made it to print. so in grattitude and thanksgiving I will give back to Him

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